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Why Should You Stage Your Montgomery County Home When Selling?

  • Your home will get more showings – buyers are previewing on the internet and cherry pick the best homes to see.  HGTV, Pinterest and other social media have conditioned buyers expectations.
  • Your home will sell quicker.
  • Your home will sell for a better price than it would have otherwise.  If you look better than the completion, you offer more value for the money.

Buyers are looking for a lifestyle, not just a house, so you have to offer a home where the buyer can imagine themselves living there – cooking in the gourmet kitchen, bathing in a spa-like bathroom and entertaining on a beautiful patio.

Our Team offers a free home staging consultation with a certified stager, so call Bob Myers for your no-obligation appointment today at 301-910-9910.

Myers Team Staging Tips

FIRST IMPRESSION Make sure the outside looks well kept and inviting.  Some buyers will not walk into a house if the outside does not look nice.  Trim the grass, edge the borders, plant flowers, trim hedges – especially near windows, paint if necessary, put new door hardware on if it looks old.

CLEAN Your home should sparkle – our Team can recommend cleaning services

SMELL Some stagers like you to have scented candles, but some buyers have a negative reaction to certain scents and some will wonder what you are covering up.  Better to have no scents at all.

DE-CLUTTER You want to buyer to notice your house, not your baseball card collection.  Eliminate knick knacks, overstuffed bookcases, stacks of magazines and kids toys.  Clear countertops in the kitchen and baths.  If you have kids, have a couple of laundry baskets handy, so you can quickly pick up toys and put the baskets in the garage during showings.

ROOM EDITING Many people have too much furniture in a room, making it look crowded.  Another problem area is accessories and wall art – less is often more.  Accessories look best in groups of 3 or 5, placed a different heights if possible.  Pack away most of your family photos.

FURNITURE ARRANGING Avoid having all the furniture pushed up against the wall –  pull it away from the wall to give the impression of a larger room.  Some furniture, when placed at an angle, can also make the room appear larger.  Try to use focal points.  Make sure each room has a clear use.

LIGHTING Keep the drapes and blinds open to allow in the most natural light.  Clean windows are also important.  In dark rooms, invest in some overhead or lamp lighting.

BRING NATURE IN Strategically placed plants, whether real or fake, can add so much to a room.  Flowers can also be lovely, but be careful to buy varieties that do not have strong scents.

THE LITTLE TOUCHES If you have older kitchen cabinets, replace the hardware to spruce them up.  Buy new hand towels for the bathrooms.  Freshly painted rooms add value.

THE BIG TOUCHES Replacing outdated appliances, adding granite counters, refinishing hardwood floors, cleaning the deck, and updating carpet all add to  your home’s value and help it compete.

AVOID Displaying religious artifacts, political statements and extreme decorating.  The paint color you love will be the first thing a buyer will hate, so play it safe with a neutral color scheme.

For a free Montgomery County home staging audit, call us at 301-910-9910.

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