…And a Beauty Contest

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It’s a Beauty Contest When You Sell your
Montgomery County Home

After price, the second most important consideration in selling your home for top dollar that you can control is the condition.  Our Team can give you our evaluation with a detailed list of low cost upgrade options and our list of recommended contractors who will give you a preferential price.

Here’s our advice for getting your Montgomery County MD home ready to sell:

Looking Good Online

First impressions do count in real estate, and most buyers will get their first impression online.  Over 90% of buyers use the internet in their home search.  You need great photos AND a 3D virtual tour that shows your home and neighborhood in panoramic views.  Our Team tracks the viewings of your tour so we can determine market interest in your home very quickly.

Looking Good in Person

Our Team uses a full time professional stager, plus our marketing director is a certified stager and we keep a small inventory of staging items to freshen up your home. Our Team will give you a free consultation on how your home can show at its best.  The inside and outside need to make a great impression.  Here are more tips for staging your Montgomery County MD home.

Upgrades – How do You Compare?

The selling price of the comparables for your home is partly determined by the upgrades made.  You have to compare well to your competition.  There are several low cost upgrades you can make that will give you a high return  – call Bob Myers today for your free analysis at 301-910-9910.  You won’t always get dollar for dollar for your improvements, so we will help you strategically stretch your budget.

Age of Systems

The age of the major systems in your home will impact the impression buyers have – how old is the roof, HVAC system, windows, appliances, etc. We often recommend a home warranty to give potential buyers peace of mind and for a small fee it will cover you during the listing period.

Tangibles and Intangibles

Many features go into the overall impression your home makes:  Does your home back to trees, have a fenced yard, is there traffic noise, which high school cluster is the home located in, etc.  If you have what the buyer is looking for, then they will be interested in your home, but only if it’s priced right.

Your Advertising Should Tell Your Home’s Story

The advertising we use to sell your home should paint a picture of what it’s like to live in your home and the neighborhood, in addition to highlighting key features.

Our Team offers an exclusive Are You Ready to Sell for Top Dollar evaluation, which includes:

  • A free staging consultation
  • In depth analysis of your home’s systems, features and ‘intangibles’
  • List of preferred contractors who give preferential pricing to our clients

When you list with us, our advertising includes professional photography, a 3D virtual tour and a mobile friendly  property website that will help you to win the ‘Beauty Contest’ and get top dollar.  Call us at 301-910-9910 for your free evaluation.

After pricing and condition, we can give you even more advice on getting top dollar, read more about how to win when selling your Montgomery County home!

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