Milestone Neighborhood

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When we bought our first home and made a move to Germantown in 1995, it was in the Cloverleaf Center by the driving range. I used to leave it and drive through the Milestone community that was being built and sigh about how I really wished I could live in this idyllic neighborhood. With its neat lots and perfect location – it was a dream…..until 2002. At that point, after almost two years in Pennsylvania, we moved into one of the mid-size single family houses far enough off the main road that there was plenty of privacy, but not so far off that I couldn’t walk to Target across the street if I wanted to.

What attracted me to the subdivision was much more than the nice houses and Target – although Target always plays a large part in my home-buying decisions. In fact, what attracted me was a feeling of community without the feeling that people are looking in your windows watching you eat dinner. There are three pools in this community – one for the single-family houses, one for the apartments and condos, and one for the townhouses across Observation Road. The pools are clean, the lifeguards are responsible and they are great places for meeting your friends after work and waiting for dinner to be delivered. One thing we’d been awaiting for years in Milestone was the opening of the William B. Gibbs, Jr. Elementary School which premiered in August of 2009. It’s a green school and most of the kids are walkers, so every morning we see all of the kids’ friends walking to school, talking, socializing and painting a great picture of suburbia in this neighborhood.


Of course, what’s a neighborhood without good quality neighbors? I can’t complain. We’ve never had a snow storm where we didn’t find people from various houses on our block helping us clear the snow. Every fall we look forward to our next door neighbor bringing over her home-grown persimmons that she’s picked herself. And every spring, we look forward to watching the new growth of life on our plants, blooms on our trees and seeing how all of the kids have sprouted over the cold winter. Milestone is as close as you can get to a Norman Rockwell painting in Germantown, MD.

About the Author: T. Diamond has lived in Montgomery County, MD since 1995.

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