How’s the Market?

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Current Market Conditions in Montgomery County MD

Montgomery County MD has fared better than most parts of the country in the housing market. Our strong employment and proximity to DC helps keep our real estate market more stable.  You can also check out the links to cities below.

Average Days on Market

Average days on market give some indication of how hot a market is.  Our area is somewhat seasonal. so the slower winter months usually show longer days on market.

Months of Supply

The months of supply is an indicator of how balanced a market is.  Less than 5 months supply, it is more of a sellers' market.  Five to seven months is a relatively balanced market, more than that is a buyer's market.

Avg Sale to Original List Price

This ratio gives you a sense of how close to the asking price sellers are getting.  In a hot market, sellers will get a higher percentage of asking price.

Long Term Market Trends in Montgomery County MD

Average sales price for Detached (Single Family), Attached TH (Townhouses), and Condos. Mouse over the chart for the details :

Months of supply tell you whether it is a buyers market (more than 7 months) or a sellers market (less than 5 months). Mouse over the chart for details:

How's the Market in Your City?

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