Rockville Metro Station

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Rockville Metro Station is located at 251 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, MD  20850 on the Red line – Shady Grove to Glenmont.  Offered at this station is metered parking, daily parking, reserved parking, car sharing, bike racks and lockers.

When buying a home in Rockville, proximity to the Rockville Metro Station is an important consideration.  Even if you don’t commute, your home’s value will be effected by how close it is to public transportation.

When searching for homes for sale in Rockville, most homebuyers consider how close they are to the Metro Station.  The following neighborhoods are just a few that are in close proximity to Rockville Metro Station: West End Park, Twinbrook and New Mark Commons.

If you like to walk or bike to the subway, here are homes on the market within two miles of Rockville Metro:  (To see homes within a five mile radius, scroll down)

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If you like a quick drive to the subway, here are homes for sale within five miles of Rockville Metro:

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