How to Choose a Home

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Choosing a Home in Montgomery County

Here are some tips to help you find the house that is best for you, whether you are looking for a condo in Bethesda, a

Searching for a Montgomery County MD Home

Search for Homes

townhome in Rockville or a single family in Gaithersburg.

Once you’ve settled on a couple of preferred neighborhoods for your home search, it’s time to pick out a few homes to view.  Many people base their neighborhood choices on the school cluster, with several high schools in our area being considered more desirable than others.  Others want an easy commute to work.

The Myers Team has years of experience with these issues, so we are happy to advise you and point you in the direction of different resources to guide you, including our Montgomery County MD relocation guides that has videos of neighborhoods, links to detailed information about schools, recreation, healthcare and commuting.

Your Wish List

Having a house “wish list” keeps you focused on which features are most important to you.

When narrowing down your home search, consider the following:

  • Know what type of home you want to buy in Montgomery County
  • Determine what age and condition is acceptable to you
  • Consider resale potential
  • Use a features wish list to keep focused
  • Use a home search comparison chart to keep organized or we advise our clients to just keep their top three homes in mind, otherwise it becomes too difficult to keep track

Determine What Type of Home You Want to Buy

There are several types of homes in Montgomery County:  single family homes, townhomes and condominiums.

Single family homes: One home per lot.  Some single family homes in Montgomery County are subject to a Home Owner’s Association and this will be disclosed to you.

Townhomes: Attached homes (row houses) are common in Montgomery County.  Most of these are subject to a Home Owner’s Association.  Some townhomes are stacked or back to back and are also governed by a condo association.

Condominiums: Monthly charges are required to pay your share of taxes and insurance on the common elements, as well as repairs and maintenance to the building.  A homeowner’s/condo association administers the development.

Decide What Age and Condition of Home You Want to Purchase

Weigh your needs, budget and personal tastes in deciding whether you want to buy a newly constructed home, an older home or a ”fixer-upper” that requires some work.

Consider Resale Potential

As you look at homes, you may want to keep in mind these resale considerations:  high school cluster, number of bedrooms and baths, location of lot, location of neighborhood, proximity to shopping and how close the area is to commuting routes such as the Beltway.

Use a Features Wish List to Keep Your Search Focused

You can use a features wish list to clarify which features are most and least important to you when looking for a home. Our Team can set up an auto email of properties matching your wish list.

Use a Chart to Keep Your Observations Organized

When looking at houses, it is difficult to keep all the features of a home straight.  Most properties have a fact sheet that will remind you of the features and you can save favorites on the email list of homes our Team sends you to consult later.  A chart might also be useful for keeping things straight.  We often tell our clients to just keep in mind the top three homes they have seen.

The Myers Team can help you with the best advice on Montgomery County MD real estate – call Bob Myers today at 301-910-9910.

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