3 Unique Flowers to Grow in Your Garden This Summer

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From perennials to begonias, the spring planting season is one of the best times of the year for avid gardeners to hit the gardening center and choose from the most popular plants of the year. While green thumbs usually love gardening no matter what, it can be easy to get tired of seeing the same old flowerbeds year after year. If you're searching for some new items to add to your pots and plots, here are some blooms you may want to test out in the coming gardening season.

Rev Up With Roscoea

This beautiful lilac-toned flower is the perfect perennial for the late summer season with its orchid-like look and brightly colored stems. Of course, don't let its fragile look fool you – the Roscoea Purpurea is found in the Himalayas and can actually subsist in an environment that is not too saturated with sun. Even better, it can succeed among vegetation of medium height that will be able to provide much-needed shade and mitigate direct sunlight.

Get Fuzzy With The Fernleaf

With long lasting blooms that appear throughout the summer, the Fernleaf Fiddleneck is a striking plant variety from the Boraginaceae family that is found most frequently in California, Alaska and Phoenix. The fuzzy nature of the blueish-purple blooms add to the foliage heavy nature of this plant, but given its ability to thrive without a lot of care, this type of Fiddleneck is great for a colorful garden that you won't have to fuss with.

Deck Out With Dahlias

There are few flowers as effervescent and vibrant as the dahlia, and if you haven't added this striking plant to your garden before, it may be time to go to the nearest gardening center and pick up some seeds. With a wide variety of colorful options and more than 42 varietals, this octoploid flower has the ability to stand up in a hot climate. In addition, once you've planted a dahlia and know what it requires, you can try a different color each year to switch up your garden's look!

If you happen to have a green thumb, there's a good chance you've tired of the typical garden flowers, but there are enough options available out there to make your planting more diverse with each new spring. If you're upgrading your yard with the plan to sell your home soon, please give me a call at 301-910-9910 or email me at bobmyersteam@gmail.com. My team and I are real estate experts in Montgomery County and the surrounding Metro area. When buying or selling a home, please consider us your resource for all things real estate.

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