Thomas S. Wootton High School

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Thomas S. Wootton High School was founded in 1970, and is rated among one of the top high schools (#93) in the country and 3rd in the state. The Humanities and Arts Signature Program, Science Technology and Research (STARS) Program and College Institute keep this school at the top of the class.

The Wootton cluster is fed from Cabin John and Robert Frost Middle Schools and elementary schools:
Cold Spring, Stone Mill, DuFief, Fallsmead, Lakewood and Travilah.

Testimonial from a Wootton Student

“I am a rising senior at Thomas S. Wootton high school. I have had a great overall experience at Wootton so far and I look forward to my senior year.

I think that Wootton is unique because of the internship program that they offer to upperclassmen. Mostly, seniors get the opportunity to explore the field of work they are planning on studying in college. I am participating in the business internship next year where I will get to work at a boutique and further my knowledge of fashion merchandising. Students are allowed to choose if they want their internship to be one, two, or three periods out of the day.

Also, at Wootton, there are a wide range of classes available. For instance, a child development course is offered where the high school students get the chance to act as teachers to real preschool children. We learn about all kinds of different ways to teach and manage children.

There is a psychology class that is very popular, capitalizing on the mind and different disorders. I have a lot of friends who really enjoy the music and theater programs at Wootton and they have been in various shows and always speak highly of the musical experiences Wootton has to offer.

Wootton has a lot to offer and there is something for everyone!

S.L. Wootton Class of 2013”

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