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Montgomery County School Magnet Programs for Highly Gifted Children

There are a variety of special programs to choose from for your child’s education in Montgomery County. Magnet programs are one popular option to enrich your child and in some cases specialize in a certain curriculum. You can also learn about other special school programs including Consortia.

If your child is five …

Parents of kindergarten-aged children may apply to the Primary Magnet at Takoma Park Elementary School. The Primary Magnet supplements the standard curriculum with an extra focus on science and social studies, encouraging kids to design and execute their own science experiments and to make connections between social studies topics and current events. Children are selected through teacher observations, testing, and parent surveys.

If you want the best fourth and fifth grades for your third grader …

The Elementary Center Programs for the Highly Gifted take 4th and 5th graders beyond the standard curriculum with enriched mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. The program, housed at Lucy V. Barnsley, Chevy Chase, Clearspring, Cold Spring, Dr. Charles Drew, Fox Chapel, Pine Crest, and Oak View Elementary Schools, focuses on critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and communication skills. Applicants undergo testing in school as well as a specialized application process after determining eligibility through testing scores. Students are picked up from central bus locations that may or may not be in their home neighborhood.

If you want the best middle school for your fifth grader …

Students can apply to one of two magnet programs:

  • The Humanities and Communications Program at Roberto Clemente and Eastern Middle Schools includes intensive courses in writing, literature, and art, and gives students the chance to see their work published and broadcast in television, radio, and film.
  • The Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science Program at Roberto Clemente and Takoma Park Middle Schools not only offers advanced coursework in math, science, and computers, but lets students work with professional scientists and mathematicians from government agencies

Children must complete an in-depth application process, submit transcripts, and complete specific tests in order to be evaluated for acceptance. Students are picked up from central bus locations that may or may not be in their home neighborhood.

If you want the best high school for your eighth grader …

Apart from the large number of advanced programs, e.g. the Advanced Placement Power Scholars at Clarksburg High School, offered in various areas’ home high schools, gifted students can apply to one of four magnet programs from anywhere in Montgomery County:

  • The Global Ecology House at Poolesville High School focuses on ecology and the environment. The curriculum encompasses science, culture, society, politics, economics, computer science, social science, and technology.
  • The Humanities House, also at Poolesville, emphasizes English, social studies, communications, and fine arts.
  • The Science, Computer Science, and Mathematics Programs at Montgomery Blair and Poolesville give students the chance to complete independent research projects that have received nationwide notoriety, build robotic devices and conduct challenging experiments, and participate in fieldwork.
  • The International Baccalaureate Program at Richard Montgomery offers a rigorous liberal arts curriculum recognized by universities around the world. (There are also IB programs at Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Albert Einstein, John F. Kennedy, Rockville, Seneca Valley, Springbrook, and Watkins Mill High Schools, but they are not open to students outside their local districts or consortia.)

Each program is highly competitive and requires in-depth testing and screening. Students are picked up from central bus locations that may or may not be in their home neighborhoods.

Although not technically one of the magnet programs, the fine-arts focused Visual Art Center in Albert Einstein High School in Kensington is also open to applications from students anywhere in the county. In addition to these magnet programs, certain high schools in Montgomery County have developed signature themes in which some or all students participate.

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