Shopping Milestone’s Neelsville Village

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As a product of suburbia, one of my criteria for purchasing a home has always been close proximity to convenient shopping. Moving to Montgomery County and living in the Milestone community in Germantown has been amazing in that respect due to having the wonderful Neelsville Shopping Center just across the street. Neelsville is hailed as one of the country’s largest outdoor plazas. It has 10 separate buildings which house restaurants, grocery stores, electronics stores, mass retail stores, and various specialty stores. There is almost nothing we need that we can’t get from Neelsville in Germantown.

Neelsville Village Center at Milestone in Germantown

Years ago, there was an unprecedented snow storm which left roads unplowed for six days. The snow hit us unexpectedly and hit us hard and fast. How wonderful that my husband could walk across the street to purchase some extra shovels and salt so we could clear our driveway?! Not to mention the milk and cereal and various other home needs to tide us over until the plows came through. Just try to find me a 40 acre plot in Kansas where you can do that!

Of course, variety is the spice of any community shopping mecca and Neelsville has tons of variety. I’ve definitely been known to start in the section that Target anchors for groceries (did I mention our Target is being remodeled into a Super Target with groceries this year?) and household goods, mosey into TJ Maxx for a gift, stop at Staples for ink cartridges, haunt the Halloween seasonal store for a couple plastic shrunken heads and then pop over to Michael’s for decorative baskets — and then haul it all back to my car at Target. Who knew that shopping at Milestone’s Neelsville could double as a weight-lifting work-out?

There are so many different businesses (which have stayed consistent for many years, by the way) that I couldn’t possibly name them all in this blog. But I will mention that there’s a huge advantage to living in the Milestone community where you can leave your house when a commercial break starts, run to pick up and pay for your curbside dining, and be back in your favorite easy chair before the next segment of the show begins. Now that’s service!

About the Author: T. Diamond has lived in Montgomery County, MD since 1995.
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